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The 4th advent…

Ich lasse das Video einfach mal so für sich stehen:


The 2nd and 3rd Advent…

I’m so so sorry, but the last weeks have been so busy that I forgot to post the songs also onto my blog.

Before the 2nd Advent I posted „Joy To The World“, which turned out OK:

And this week (to be more exact, yesterday), I posted the original version of „Silent Night“, which is the German one: „Stille Nacht“

Enjoy and wait for the „grand“ finale…

The 1st Advent…

… is not far away, so I have started a new project:
Instead of giving Christmas presents to family and friends, I will give them Advent presents. And what more can I give, if I do not keep it in a small circle, but also share these gifts with the world. So without further a-do:

CCC (Cheesy Christmas Carols):


Little things…

I have been lately listening way too much Julia Nunes and PomplaMoose. As their albums are also available at the amazon MP3 store, I got the chance to buy them, without using the iTunes Store.

One of the songs from PomplaMoose that stuck to my head like glue:

They have definitely hit a spot.

Love this song…

Lauren O’Connell, whom I first saw on Julia Nunes youtube-channel, has a cool collab with Nataly Dawn. But see for yourself’s: