The 2nd and 3rd Advent…

I’m so so sorry, but the last weeks have been so busy that I forgot to post the songs also onto my blog.

Before the 2nd Advent I posted „Joy To The World“, which turned out OK:

And this week (to be more exact, yesterday), I posted the original version of „Silent Night“, which is the German one: „Stille Nacht“

Enjoy and wait for the „grand“ finale…

The 1st Advent…

… is not far away, so I have started a new project:
Instead of giving Christmas presents to family and friends, I will give them Advent presents. And what more can I give, if I do not keep it in a small circle, but also share these gifts with the world. So without further a-do:

CCC (Cheesy Christmas Carols):


Be careful what you wish for…

Wolverine’s powers: If you are very anal you could say that his powers are a healing factor with ridiculous acceleration and retractable claws made of bones (I am well aware of the fact that his entire skeleton is laced with adamantium). But what if you are not that anal? And what if you could actually get mutant powers by the medical achievements of humanity?
Let’s watch:

Greg and Lou

[via Hawk]