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Something german…

Was mir letzens wieder eingefallen ist:
„Exau mein Name. Doktor Exau.“

Obligatory moep

So here it is, my obligatory moep. Although I could tell something, I just don’t have the time to blog. This post is created via my mobile phone and just before I am going to work… One or two more things: I will be attending two different weddings. One on friday and one on saturday. Couldn’t get any better…


At last… the rain has come to Hamburg as well. The last days have been hot. Not that dry heat you would get in Arizona (wink to Walter), but a very humid heat. The rain was forecasted for Friday and finally on Sundays it actually came.
The weather announced itself with rumblings and thunderclaps that you would expect the rain of your lifetime. But once the thunderstorm with the lightnings and thunders were gone the rain remained awfully light. Just some drops here and there, like the hose in the sky had a leak and was sprinkling with the lowest of possible stages, but it was enough to cool the earth of. Now we’re having something like 20°C (68°F) compared to 29°C (84°F). So I think today I will finally have a good nights sleep and not sweat myself into that one.

Banksters = Bankers + Gangsters

Having just read the article from Jens Berger, there was one thing that popped instantly into my mind:

Tatsuya Ishida’s webcomic sinfest showed what it meant to be a bankster:

It seems that we live in an unfair world…

Re: Start

‚ello big mean world,

last post was sometime ago. After that I didn’t feel like posting. All the stress coming up and still pushing into me brains. I’ll try to keep the posting frequency up. My first goal is to post something like once a week. That’s not too farfetched and under the premise that you will just get the occasional :meh:, as I have nothing postworthy.
So why do I stop posting in german? That’s a very good question. I dunno. Maybe I want to improve my english. Maybe I want to reach a greater audience? Maybe I want to keep in contact with some of the non german friends, who have a hardtime reading the german language – google is not the all-knowing solution?

I will definitely post something in german with an infrequent period.
So as with the old saying goes:
„Hello World!“