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Berlin… (Part1)

What a city Berlin is. Don’t get me wrong. my heart still belongs to Hamburg. But Berlin has its own vibe, which feels strong, unique and definitely honest. So aside from all the private encounters with friends and fellows from past years, I also wanted to fulfill my childhood dream. Seeing the Brachiosaurus at the Museum für Naturkunde, which happens to be the biggest dinosaur skeleton ever put together. On the next pictures you can see its total height of nearly 14m (46ft) and a single femur of this titan.
Brachiosaurus Brancai
Brachiosaurus Brancai
Femur of Brachiosaurus Brancai
Femur of Brachiosaurus

So it was pretty impressive to watch this giant, who dwarfs even its cousins as the Diplodocus or Dicraeosaurus
Diplodocus Carnegii
Diplodocus Carnegii

All in all, it was a good start at the museum, by only entering the first door. Next post will show the remaining photos taken at the museum.

Little things…

I have been lately listening way too much Julia Nunes and PomplaMoose. As their albums are also available at the amazon MP3 store, I got the chance to buy them, without using the iTunes Store.

One of the songs from PomplaMoose that stuck to my head like glue:

They have definitely hit a spot.

Love this song…

Lauren O’Connell, whom I first saw on Julia Nunes youtube-channel, has a cool collab with Nataly Dawn. But see for yourself’s:

Date a f@ck*ng asian…

Tru dat.


Futurama Re:Cast

As I twittered 2 days ago, the new Futurama VoiceCast is the old one. Yay for Billy West, John DiMaggio, Katey Sagal, Maurice LaMarche, Lauren Tom, Tress MacNeille, Phil LaMarr, Dave Herman and the others.
It seems that the FOX executives might have changed, although their politics have failed, as they had threatened the original cast with a new casting call for all characters.
One might think that Matt and David played a great part in the salary negotiations.

If you are interested how it came to be, still one of the best sources is „CGEF„.
Cast out?
New cast?