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Update: Killerfungus (Cordyceps) & Pistol shrimp…

Fungi, which decimate the numbers of insects in the jungle:

I wonder, when these fungi will have evolved to cut-down mammal populations?


Guns have not been developed by humans. Shrimps are far ahead of us…

Berlin… (Part1)

What a city Berlin is. Don’t get me wrong. my heart still belongs to Hamburg. But Berlin has its own vibe, which feels strong, unique and definitely honest. So aside from all the private encounters with friends and fellows from past years, I also wanted to fulfill my childhood dream. Seeing the Brachiosaurus at the Museum für Naturkunde, which happens to be the biggest dinosaur skeleton ever put together. On the next pictures you can see its total height of nearly 14m (46ft) and a single femur of this titan.
Brachiosaurus Brancai
Brachiosaurus Brancai
Femur of Brachiosaurus Brancai
Femur of Brachiosaurus

So it was pretty impressive to watch this giant, who dwarfs even its cousins as the Diplodocus or Dicraeosaurus
Diplodocus Carnegii
Diplodocus Carnegii

All in all, it was a good start at the museum, by only entering the first door. Next post will show the remaining photos taken at the museum.

You and me…

Post in german:

Oh Gott… wieso habe ich mir grade den Rest der Popstars-Folge angetan? Das „Vorspiel“ vor der Verkündung der Jury-Entscheidung. Dieses Triggern von Emotionen bei den Kandidaten für die Einschaltquote.
Ich denke, dass sollte es auch sein was meine subjektive Meinung angeht. Es gibt schon einige gesanglichen Talente, die ich gerne außerhalb dieser Popstars-Maschinerie hören würde. Ich hoffe nur, dass sie nicht eines Tages an dem aufgebauten Druck zerbrechen werden…


Date a f@ck*ng asian…

Tru dat.


Resistance is futile…

As already twittered, now the evidence has popped up that no one, not even myself, can resist to perform the infamous YMCA by the village people:

IYF YMCA (in your face young men’s christian association)